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May 02, 2009


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I have been looking at your photography for some time now and love the things that I have seen you do. I am just in the process of building up a portfolio and I am curious if you use any actions on your photos? I am looking into purchasing a set, but don't want to purchase something that I won't use. Do you have any that you go to regularly that you would recommend?

btw, I understand if you don't want to share the information, I just wondered if you would be willing to give me some tips. Thanks a bunch!


Hi Elise, I use Kubota Image Tools Vol. 3 actions frequently, they're artsy and fun. I plan on purchasing more from them because I like Vol. 3 so much. Good luck!!


oooo I LOVE her dress!!!! these are way pretty!


Great pictures! I don't suppose you live close to PA.!?????


Nope, I'm in UT :)

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