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May 14, 2008


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Michelle Peterson

Where do you find all these beautiful people to photograph? You should start up a modeling agency. Seriously. I don't think I was that cute in high school ever or college or.... well you get the picture. Do kids just keep getting cuter and more grown up looking every year or is it just me?


I know! I'm pretty lucky that all these pretty people want their pictures taken by me! Michelle, you should let me take your pictures!

Annie  Link

Now I remember who you are! You left such a sweet comment on my blog, I wanted to come over and be sure you received a 'propah' thank you from me--and now that I'm here, I realize I've been here before! I love your work! I've seen your website, too and I really do love your work. Anyway, just in case you didn't see the comment I wrote to you on SkinnyLink here it is:

Jocelin, I can't tell you how much kind words like these help. Just knowing that someone cries with me is a sweet comfort. Thank you for commenting--for reaching out.
I'm going to check out Eli Stone. Sounds like it might just be a winner. And I'm definitely up for "feeling good!" Thanks again, xo, annie

Now I know why you're so good. Photogs with the biggest hearts capture the most beauty from their subjects. No wonder your work rocks!


Wow your picts are amazing. Love your senior picts especially. I got my cute petti skirts online, just do a search for them, a ton of places sell them. You can also buy them at trendy tots in the river woods.


Your work is absolutely beautiful, Jocelin! Really wonderful photographer.


Hey I took these pictures at the Riverwoods and I walked right passed Trendy Tots and thought about going in but then my client showed up! I really really have to get my little girl a skirt from that store, thanks so much, Peekaboo photography!

And anyone reading my comment box should go to the links of my commenters, they're either close friends of mine or just folks whose blogs I happened onto and read and loved and just had to leave comments because I loved them so much!! Thanks for all the sweet comments!
Annie, I think that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me & my work, I won't stop smiling for days-sigh-I'm really enjoying this whole blogging thing!

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